Sonic echidna figurine

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Item Number: 365
Description ID: 6390819
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sonic echidna figurine
Plural: sonic echidna figurines
This is a little toy echidna figurine that occasionally lets out loud piercing tones. It's cute but kind of--scratch that, very--annoying. You're not sure why, but it's exceptionally popular with the kids these days.

Level Required: 4
Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold

+5 sonic damage

How Obtained

  • Once you attain 100 S.U.I.T. points, you will receive a message from S.U.I.T. Institute (#12920) after rollover that says:

Please accept this small gift as thanks for your contribution to the Search for Underground Intelligent Terrans cause. We wouldn't be able to find those Underground Terrans without people like you listening to all those strange noises for us.

Included item: sonic echidna figurine (quantity 1)