Souped-up computer

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Item Number: 2271
Description ID: 48467686
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souped-up computer
Plural: souped-up computers
A special computer with a cupholder built in! Just push the little button and it'll slide right out for you. Now you have a place for your discount noodle cup. Jeeze, dude. Add some veggies or something to your salt-water-with-starch.

Miscellaneous Item
Power: 2
Level Required: 11
Autosell value: 600

+10% vegetable drops

How Obtained

Assemble.gif positronic computer miso soup
Equals.gif souped-up computer

Other Uses

Enables running software when installed at your hideout's Computer Lab.


  • Can run 2 softwares at a time.


  • The description refers to humorous stories of a new computer user mistaking an optical drive tray for a cup holder.