Spooky pumpkin mask

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Item Number: 2907
Description ID: 53479374
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spooky pumpkin mask
Plural: Unknown
Despite what you might think, this mask won't tell you how many days until Halloween, nor does it have a shard of Stonehenge in it. It also won't turn you into a spindly-armed demon of vengeance. Nor will having it prevent you from crossing any bridges or urge you to torment schoolteachers.

No, this handy mask will give you all the powers of a gourd-headed monarch, unleashing all sorts of freaky (and cool) powers. Just watch out for giant sacks full of bugs (my but this town has gotten weird over the years).

October 2019 Item of the Month

Power: 55
Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

+3 XP per turn
+30% sugar item drops
Allows soul gazing.
Terrifying gaze

How Obtained


  • When bought: You're able to get a spooky mask for just 10 silver stars. Now you're ready to Halloween in style.


Item of the Month
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October 2019
spooky pumpkin mask
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