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squid bot

You are fighting squid bot.

This robotic version looks less like a real squid and more like some sort of plush (well, not plush, per se, as that doesn't work well under water--but toy-ified isn't a word, either) version of a squid. When you get closer, the bank of torpedoes stacked in its torso and the laser beak belie a greater danger.
Your opponent attacks ...

Hit messages:

  • Having already faced down hordes of mutant squidopi, you apply your patented tentacle-tying technique. Unfortunately, you forget to account for the squid's tenth tentacle, which squeezes you painfully.
  • It's been said that there's a sucker born every minute, which this squid aptly demonstrates by applying hundreds of them to your tender flesh.
  • The ten-tentacled terror of Twilight traps your tibia and tears your tendons. Terribly.

It hits you for X damage.

Critical hit message:

Your opponent has a critical hit! It hits you for X damage.

Miss messages:

  • A passing robotic kraken temporarily scares off the robotic squid. You try to give chase to the kraken to see if it is carrying a robotic eye of the robotic depths, but the squid catches up with you and insists you continue the fight.
  • The squid bot tries to auction up some pain, but you bid squat and it goes undelivered.
  • You dart back rapidly, and the squid gives chase. Because it has to swim backwards, it misses you and glides harmlessly by.

Fumble messages:

Your foe fumbles! It takes X damage.

Victory! You beat up your foe and win the combat!

You gain (scales by stats) experience.

You got an item: enerbun globule Enerbun-globule.gif (49.9 ± 1.1%)
You got an item: cybertronium Cybertronium.gif (4.9 ± 0.5%)
You got an item: strut bar Strut-bar.gif (4.9 ± 0.5%)

Known resistances/weaknesses

Verified to have no resistances or weaknesses.


Robot.gif This enemy is a robot with an electronic brain.