St. Elmo's Chariots of Vanity

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Item Number: 1671
Description ID: 62475361
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St. Elmo's Chariots of Vanity
Plural: copies of St. Elmo's Chariots of Vanity
The heartwarming tale of seven youths who have just graduated from marathon racing school while simultaneously trying to fight for racial justice in 1980's New York City. I won't lie to you: it's kind of a mess. It's almost like someone took several stories and just smushed them all together. While that works just fine with Europe and Haddaway, it really doesn't work here. Not. At. All.

Miscellaneous Item
Item cannot be auto-sold

Grants you a non-permanent skill when used. (Skill can be permed, but is not by default.)

How Obtained

Exchange at Subscriber's Exclusive Store for 100 subscription vouchers

When Used

If you don't already have the skill:

After reading the most horrible mash-up ever, you've learned a new level of rage. It burns deep within you. You've learned to tap into that burning rage, just like that pyrokinetic prodigy Charlene McGee.

You have acquired a new skill:

If you already have the skill:

Despite all your rage, this can't give you that which you desire, because you've already got it. Also, you're channeling the wrong decade right now.


  • Before August 9, this item was called "Subscriber's Magazine: The Book", and the description read
This is a book about a magazine. A magazine which deals with clothes. Clothes made for people. People who read magazines.
Currently out of print, more copies of this book are expected in the shop within a few days.