Steam mask

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Item Number: 1997
Description ID: 99475511
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steam mask
Plural: steam masks
Filling your mask with steam both makes you look more mysterious and does wonders for your complexion (unless you're made of iron, in which case, stock up on Brillo pads). In theory, there's probably some point to it about resisting blah blah, but the real point is to look awesome.

Power: 88
Level Required: 15
Autosell value: 300

+15% fire resistance
+15% ice resistance
Grants wearer protection from noxious gases.
(Not surprisingly, it will not protect against effects that are supernatural in origin. It can only protect against mundane vapors.)

How Obtained

Welding-torch.gif gas mask steamwork core
Equals.gif steam mask


  • Can be equipped to make quest progress in the adventure An Orderly!.