Subscriber's Exclusive jacket

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Item Number: 1660
Description ID: 97599668
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Subscriber's Exclusive jacket
Plural: Subscriber's Exclusive jackets
Now this is what I call radical. This is, like, a totally gnarly jacket that proves that you're awesome to the max. You can wear it everywhere, even if you're just kicking back at home and vegging out. Only the coolest of the cool have a jacket like this, so slip it on and show it off to everyone.

The zippers and straps allow you to adjust it so you're always the perfect temperature, and just wearing such a fashion statement is always an excellent experience.

August 2011 Item of the Month

Power: 100
Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

Regenerates PP as a function of level (currently +X PP per turn).
+4 XP per turn
Wearing the jacket gets you exclusive subscription vouchers.

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars

Other Uses

Roughly every 20 turns spent:

After the adventure you put your hands into your jacket pocket for a moment to warm them. Ho! what's this? There's a little ticket in the pocket. How'd that get in there?
You got an item: subscription voucher Subscription-voucher.gif
A man in a jacket that looks identical to yours (except for the color, but that's okay because we all know it's the style that counts) approaches, nods warily, and then furtively slips something into your grasp while doing his best to look like he's intently focused on something off in the distance.
You got an item: subscription voucher Subscription-voucher.gif


  • When bought: You trade in your 10 silver stars for the Subscriber's Exclusive jacket that you've always wanted.
  • X is floor(Level/2)+3, capped at 10.


Item of the Month
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August 2011
Subscriber's Exclusive jacket
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