Super-cute bunny

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Item Number: 1568
Description ID: 7025164
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super-cute bunny
Plural: super-cute bunnies
Awwwww! You've never seen anything so cute as this utterly adorable little bunny rabbit. It even has large dewy eyes that just makes your heart melt!

Comes from March 2011 Item of the Month

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 15
Combat Usable

How Obtained

Using mystical slouch of sorcerous mayhem (0-5)

When Used in Combat

The super-cute bunny hops over to your opponent and looks up with those huge eyes. It's so adorable that some of your opponent's anger melts away, and their little heart grows two sizes that day. All the better to find with your knife, of course.


  • Combat use weakens opponent by 15 FT.


mystical slouch of sorcerous mayhem
mystical slouch of sorcerous mayhem (empty)
Item Effect
chubby bunny Restores 40-60 HP and PP
ponderous dove Ponderous dove (companion)
+XP per turn
razor dove Combat Item
crying dove Violet Shower
+10 foe toughness
super-cute bunny Combat Item
-15 foe toughness
vorpal bunny Vorpal bunny (companion)
Attacks foes
endless handkerchief Combat Item
Stuns for 3 rounds