Super distressed shirt

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Item Number: 2792
Description ID: 50273790
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super distressed shirt
Plural: super distressed shirts
Someone who doesn't take fashion seriously might be caught dead in a merely distressed shirt. But this shirt far exceeds those lesser vestments.

Left to age in a bog for almost ten thousand years to get an oaky finish, this shirt was excavated by dedicated artisans, run through a particularly vicious rinse cycle, bleached, thrown to a pack of rabid weasels, smeared with dirt, cut into snow flakes for a third grade art project, used to cushion a deorbiting satellite, and left on the bedroom floor overnight without being folded. You don't want people to think you're some poseur who buys off the rack, do you?

Power: 24
Level Required: 4
Autosell value: 120

+5% Strength
Gives wearer a slightly brutish appearance.

How Obtained

School of Villainy