Tabard pajamas of the serpopard

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Item Number: 2681
Description ID: 54586019
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tabard pajamas of the serpopard
Plural: sets of serpopard tabard pajamas
What do heroes wear under their tabard? Well, this won't answer that question since it's combined with pajamas. Still, it's (somewhat) stylish, and will protect you. There's also a special emblem on the chest that glows like your talisman.

In this case, it has... it has... a... giraffe? Some kind of snake-leopard? You're not exactly sure what it is, but it certainly seems stealthy. In a weird, chimeric way.

June 2017 Item of the Month

Full-body suit
Power: 170
Level Required: 15
Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

+10 PP per turn
+20% to initiative
Increased chance of noncombat adventures.*
Grants different heraldry based on your level (Imp, Squidopus, Golem, Serpopard, Unicorn, or Dragon).

* Combat and noncombat chances can only be increased up to a maximum of 20% in either direction.

How Obtained

Use tabard pajamas of the golem (Level 15 or above)

When Used

Level 20 or above:

You contemplate the unicorn of some happy shining valley that clearly isn't anywhere near Twilight, taking on new heraldry for yourself.

You got an item: tabard pajamas of the unicorn Unicorntabardpajamas.gif

Below level 20:

You think about unicorns for a bit, but end up settling on the much closer imps of the Infernal Pit, taking on new heraldry for yourself.

You got an item: tabard pajamas of the imp Imptabardpajamas.gif

Item of the Month
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June 2017
tabard pajamas of the imp
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