Take Rage downtown to Rand

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You turn Rage over to police custody. Rand takes the kid back and talks to him for a while, and then hands him off to some other officers to take care of the details. "Well," he says, "this is a curious one. It's good work on your part, as usual. But there's some strange implications. The kid says he was hired by someone called 'The Mick' to help fuel the riot."

"The Mick? What's that supposed to be--some kind of Irish mafia?"

Rand shrugs. "We're not sure, but that's our best guess. This isn't the first time we've heard of him, and it usually comes up in relation to some of the crime syndicate activities. He might have been connected--remotely--to the John Steele guy you put away. Anyway, the kid that calls himself Rage says he never met The Mick, though. One of The Mick's hirelings actually recruited him. Naturally, the kid can't even tell us much about the guy who did the hiring. We've got balding, middle aged, heavyset, with curly hair on the side of his head that had a tendency to stick up. We don't even have a name, here, either. He just went by his initials: PHB."

You ask, "So where does this leave us?"

Rand leans back in his chair and stares at the ceiling for a moment. "Well, obviously we'll want to keep an eye out for The Mick, or things that he might be involved in. And now this PHB guy, too."

"What about the kid?"

"I think he's going to end up at Shiloh. I hate to send a kid there--that place has some unpleasant characters--but he definitely needs treatment. And while he'll get some credit for cooperating with you, he was involved in criminal activity, so he's probably going to do some time. Shiloh is much better equipped to handle someone with his abilities than a normal jail would be. I do think there's hope for him, though."

You nod and start to get up. Rand's phone rings, so you figure you ought to take the opportunity to go, but before you reach the door Rand gestures at you to wait. He spends another minute on the phone and then hangs up. Rand says, "Looks like there's more trouble back at the university. You'd better come with me to check it out."