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At one point someone compiled a list of all items and IDs I believe using a bot (This was before Ryme fixed it..). Maybe Devant. I'll ask him sometime.

I believe it was IcyFreak, Devant added the list to the wiki from her data, though. Also, the ID's from that list aren't necessarily 100% correct, and a few are definitely wrong. Ryme has said that the law suit will eventually have a place in game, specifically, it will be in the last part of content dealing with the Mick. - Satan

"178 law suit

I'm gonna sue you for peeking!

Full-body suit Power: 110 Level Required: 10 Item cannot be traded or sold Autosell value: 175 " That's all Icy had about it. Should we load that page onto this wiki? IE:Icy's information page. --ζειαηđδηǐ (τ|ϛ) 18:11, 28 March 2008 (MST)

I know it was on the first wiki (blu-wiki or something?) and it was also on the second wiki (can't even remember the name now), don't know if we moved it here or not. Seems like we would have, though. 178 /is/ unimplemented, so it's a possibility that it is the law suit. - Satan

Actually, it seems we didn't move it over. I don't know useful it would be, though. --ζειαηđδηǐ (τ|ϛ) 09:35, 29 March 2008 (MST)