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Both the name and the fact it is a shield pretty much screams "Captain America" - Patojonas

See also: today's KoL's IotM - I "suspect" common inspiration.

Anyway, skills - as an altruist, I got one to bash my opponents (which just seems to do damage), and one to throw the shield (which always seems to miss and not do anything). --XKiv 13:59, 1 July 2011 (PDT)

With virtuous reputation at level 89:

Bash with your stalwart scutum (1 PP) had thunder in a bottle as talisman so it is likely to be 2 or 3 PP

With a roar and a rush you ram into your opponent with your sturdy scutum, smashing them solidly, leaving them sore, smitten, and stunned. Your opponent takes 48/54/50/55/45/53/49/51/48/45 damage.

Your opponent is too stunned to act.

Throw your stalwart scutum (3 PP) had thunder in a bottle as talisman so it is likely to be 5 PP

You hurl your stalwart scutum at your opponent like an oversize Frisbee. Unfortunately your opponent sees it coming and dodges. Your shield ricochets off of a nearby object and zags to the left, still spinning through the air.

Your stalwart scutum takes an improbable bounce off a stray piece of metal and zigs back in your direction. (1 round after throwing it)

In a one-in-a-million twist, your stalwart scutum comes flying back into the fray, smacking into your opponent, knocking them over, and then landing directly at your feet. You scoop up the shield without missing a beat and continue the fight, while your opponent is 366/374/369/368/375/366/369/368/370 HP worse for the incident. (2 rounds after throwing it)

Both skills seem to be once pert fight only. Throwing it first removes the possibility to use the bashing for the remaining of the battle - Patojonas

Here's some data on how reputations seem to work:

Judicious/Vigilante/Pragmatic: Can bash(3 PP), but can't throw at all

Just/Balanced/Watchdog: Can bash and can throw(5 PP), damage is ~100.

Honorable/Virtous/Altruist: Can bash, can throw and it hits after 2 turns for ~190 damage at level 44. Kurg 05:28, 2 July 2011 (PDT)