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The Mementonian Memuseum
Location: Seedy Casinos
Hi there! My name's Lenny, and this is my Mementonian Memuseum. I like mementos. At first I just started collecting a few of them, but over time my memento collection gathered memomentum until I built a whole memuseum of mementos. Now you're just memoments away from making great mememories in the best memento collection in town (that Mementoarium across town doesn't have enough mememorabilia to earn a footnote in my mememoirs).

Yes! I do like to make up words! Almost as much as I like mementos. Speaking of mementos, would you like to see some of mine? Here's one:

A random memento from the list below is displayed:

belize This is a picture of a You Better Belize It! shirt. I don't actually
own the shirt, but I liked it enough to take a picture.
guitar This is a guitar that has been signed by every memember of the Twilight Rolling Stones roller derby team. I actually thought I was going to see the Rolling Stones band, so I brought a guitar instead of a shoe. That radio station didn't do a very good job of explaining their prize tickets, that's for sure.
earrings I found all four of these earrings. The one at top came from the beach and I think is real gold. I'm not sure about the others. The big one might have actually come from a pirate outfit I wore one Halloween. My ears aren't pierced, but this one is clip-on so I could wear it, but I don't because it hurts. I'm hoping one day I'll either find a match for the earrings and then I'll have a full set, or maybe I'll just sell them for the gold. backstage This is a backstage pass from a band I like. Actually, it's not a real backstage pass, it's a fake pass that they sell you if you join their fan club. I'm number 433 in the fan club, see?
dragon This little guy is a baby red dragon figurine that I've had since I was twelve and used to play Dungeons and Dragons with my classmate Gabe and some of his friends. We used to have swordfights with broomsticks when we got bored. monkey This is a packet of super-cute postcards showing monkeys doing silly things. The one on top is a monkey wearing galoshes and an umbrella to the beach. I think there are some even better ones on the inside that I saw at the store where I got these, but I don't want to open the packet and ruin the memento value and now I've forgotten.
metal I picked up this business card from a metalworking shop in Iowa. It's a great memento because it reminds me of some place I actually was once. Even better, if I ever decide to buy any of his stuff, the card tells me how to get in touch with the shop. I'm a little worried though because it was right down by the river, and there have been a couple of major floods in the last couple of decades since I was there. letter These are all letter openers. Broken letter openers to be exact. They used to work, but I dropped the stone one, and the wood one cracked when I opened a letter with it a little too firmly. Still, this is the only collection of exclusively broken letter openers in the entire world!
threedee These are 3-D glasses. I can't remember now where I got them, but if they ever show any 3-D movies on TV I'll be ready for it! tattoo This is a whole stack of stick-on temporary tattoos that my brother gave me. There's some cute stick figures in here. Once I put on one of the ones with the heart that says "knob" but then my girlfriend laughed at me and said it looked like I was saying I loved knob, so I haven't done anything with the rest of them. Did you know that knob spelled backwards is bonk? You can see it on the sticker because the word is backwards, although you have to be able to read the letters backwards to figure it out.
penny I got this from a girl I was friends with in high school. It's a penny that's had holes punched through it to look like a smiley face. Every time I think about it, it makes me cry a little because she used to make me smile a lot, but we lost touch years ago and now I don't know what she's up to. bowling I got this pin during the 2003/2004 season when I talked some of my co-workers into joining a bowling league. Scott pulled his back, and Lacy hurt her arm, so our team was split up and I got shifted into another team right at the end when one of their guys took a new job and had to move, and we won!
shark This is a shark's tooth. My cousin got it for me. She said that she was on a diving expedition around really tame sharks, and they let her pluck the tooth right out of its mouth. It's a nice tooth, but I'm not really sure I believe her.

Oh and did you know we have X item1 and Y item2? I did, because I spent all day counting.



  • Refers to the movie Memento. The proprietor refers to Leonard Shelby, the protagonist of the movie. The image is of actor Guy Pearce, who played Lenny.