The Traveling Star

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Unimplemented item


The Traveling Star
Plural: Unimplemented item; no plural exists
This star is passed from hero to hero. If received, you must follow the rules or else be hated in Twilight forever!


+20 to maximum HP
+20 to maximum PP

How Obtained

Unimplemented item; cannot be obtained

It is possible to keep this item up to 1 week.

How Obtained

Transferred from one person to another.


You may keep it for up to 1 week, at which time it must be sent to a new person.


1) As mentioned twice above, you may keep the star up to 1 week.
2) You may not sell the star or use the star for your own gain. It may only be worn or passed on.
3) A person can only receive the star once. (Make sure you check the archive section to see who has received it thus far.)
4) Send the message you receive with the star, along with the star when you send it along.


Malk-a-mite ---> hero of the universe ---> efraim ---> Cerikk44 (didn't want it and sent it back to efraim) ---> efraim ---> hannahmaus ---> babieghgirl ---> MrStrange ---> Reaper ---> Random Number Generator --->


hero of the universe came up with an idea to have a traveling silver star that can be sent from player to player, the star was supplied by Malk-a-mite and is continuing to travel through the player base.