Throwing star - black hole

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Item Number: 881
Description ID: 7806664
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throwing star - black hole
Plural: throwing stars - black holes
The thing about black holes is, there is already such a tremendous density of cheap jokes surrounding them, the likelihood of any particular joke actually escaping into your hearing is practically nil.

Comes from September 2009 Item of the Month

Miscellaneous Item
Item cannot be auto-sold
Combat Usable

Can be used once per turn.
Is not consumed by use.

How Obtained

Use exotic throwing stars gift set

When Used in Combat

You fling the black hole in an arc, giving your opponent a glimpse of the event horizon as the projectile goes past. Briefly dumped into a vision of pure chaos, pure evil, the <foe> cowers and cries "liberate me" which probably means something in Latin, but you're too busy to look it up. Your opponent takes X damage.

If you don't have Green Globulin active, sometimes, in addition:
There's a sudden gamma-ray burst from the black hole (those things happen now and then) that lances right through you. As every good hero should know, gamma rays are a fantastic source of gamma globulin, proteins in your blood that improve your immunity. It also turns you green (hey, that's just how it works). You gain an effect: Green Globulin. (Added for 35 minutes.)

or, less frequently:

Your fingers accidentally brush the edge of the black hole as you try to throw the star, causing you to plummet through the singularity and pop out the other side, falling into a parallel universe where it's sixty seconds earlier than when you left.

Clock-white.gif Current time: -1 minutes

Your opponent is obviously horribly confused by this act, and pulls a brain muscle trying to figure out what happened, taking X damage.

If used more times than you can:

You've already used that star as many times as you can.


  • X is between 5*Level and 7*Level, up to 50-70.
  • You can use this item once per turn for each of these you have.
  • The second option will not occur more than once per turn.
  • The second option occurs about (10.4% ± 2.4%) of the times.
  • if you use a free runaway combat item after the second option triggered, the fight ends but you lose the gained minute, with the following message:
The black hole pulls you back towards the fight. It's like running away from an explosion in slow motion. Awesome, but utterly impractical.
  • If the first option occurs and you do not have Green Globulin active, it will fire about (9.5% ± 5.4%) of the times.


  • A black hole is a region of space in which the gravitational field is so powerful that nothing can escape its pull, which is referred to in the description. It can still emit particles due to quantum effects, including gamma rays, as one of the outcomes suggests.
  • This, however, has nothing to do with gamma globulins, which are proteins that take an important part in the immune system.
  • Gamma rays making you green is a reference to The Hulk which turned green following exposure to gamma rays.
  • The connection between gamma globulin and the green color might be a play of words on Green Goblin.
  • "liberate me" refers to Libera Me, a Roman Catholic prayer sung by the coffin before burial. The literal meaning is "deliver me".
    • More specific to this item, "liberate me" and other parts of the damage message refer to the movie Event Horizon which involves a space ship powered by a black hole.