Throwing star - blue giant

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Item Number: 883
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throwing star - blue giant
Plural: thr-ho-ho-ho-ing stars - blue giant
Curious fact: blue giants can be of spectral type O or B, but not A or AB. Does that make A the universal (or perhaps just galactic) recipient? Is O still the universal donor?

Comes from September 2009 Item of the Month

Miscellaneous Item
Item cannot be auto-sold
Combat Usable

Can be used once per turn.
Is not consumed by use.

How Obtained

Use exotic throwing stars gift set

When Used in Combat

When you hurl the large disc, the blue giant briefly teleports your opponent to Mars, without providing any subsequent life support, like oxygen or insulation. It's only for a few moments, but when they come back your enemy is worse for the wear, to the tune of X damage.

Sometimes in addition:
The shock from the cold stuns your opponent.

or, less frequently:

Pow! The blue giant goes supernova when it hits the <foe>, bursting in a massive explosion of ... frost? Based on what some say, you would expect a star to end in fire, but this one apparently thinks well of ice. Perhaps this is its second time around. In any case, it delivers a massive wave of icy shards that do 2*X damage.

If used more times than you can:

You've already used that star as many times as you can.


  • X is between 5*Level and 7*Level, up to 50-70.
  • You can use this item once per turn for each of these you have.
  • The stun effect stuns for one round (the round in which it was used).
  • Against frusion enemies it does 1 damage, and the double damage effect does 2 damage.


  • A blue giant is a type of star. As the description suggests, it can be with a spectral type of O or B.
  • The description refers to the ABO blood group system.
  • The plural refers to Jolly Green Giant, which chants ho, ho, ho.
  • The message about the world ending in fire, or on the second time, in ice, is a reference to Robert Frost's poem Fire and Ice.
  • The Mars bit is a reference to comic book (and film) Watchmen, where Silk Spectre II is teleported to Mars by the blue tinted Doctor Manhattan who initially forgets she needs life support.