Throwing star - red dwarf

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Item Number: 880
Description ID: 6256766
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throwing star - red dwarf
Plural: red stars - nobody throws a dwarf
Just the teensiest, tiniest red dot decorates the steel of this throwing star. It's supposedly a red dwarf, but you have to wonder if a more politically correct title might be red little one, or something like that. Despite the size, the little design puts out a considerable bit of heat.

Comes from September 2009 Item of the Month

Miscellaneous Item
Item cannot be auto-sold
Combat Usable

Can be used once per turn.
Is not consumed by use.

How Obtained

Use exotic throwing stars gift set

When Used in Combat

The red dwarf bursts into reddish flame as it flies toward your enemy. It's not a big fireball, but it's hot, causing X damage. After the initial burst, a hologram of a man in uniform projects from the red dwarf. "Get that smegging gimboid!" he shouts. "Show that <foe> who the real goit is!" It's apparently an attempt to help you in the fight, but all it does is slow you down and drive you to distraction, making the match that much tougher.

or, less frequently:

The red dwarf bursts into flame as it draws near the <foe>. It delivers X damage, and at your distance the heat of the flame is pleasantly warming in the cool night air--reminiscent of a nighttime bonfire on a farm in Fiji, perhaps. You gain Y PP.

If used more times than you can:

You've already used that star as many times as you can.


  • You can use this item once per turn for each of these you have.
  • X is between 5*Level and 7*Level, up to 50-70.
  • The foe toughness effect increases foe toughness by 8.
  • Y is 1*Level, minimum 5 and capped at 15.