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This still-smoking CPU was pulled from VILLAIN. Or, if you hate acronyms, this still-smoking Central Processing Unit was pulled from the Variable Input Limitless Logic Something Something.

In either case that's one supervirus that won't be bothering Twilight for a while. Of course, that might be "a while" in computer-years, which isn't very long at all.


Key to the City

This massive golden key glitters in the light, symbolizing your members' dedication to fighting crime great and small.


Orwhal Horn

This massive horn is from the precious and endang... errr, the tyrranical and dangerous orwhal.

Despite insistence that the orwhal is somehow related to a narwhal, the horns look nothing alike. However, like the narwhal, the orwhal can use these to throw massive gouts of flame.


Hanging Pinata

Normally, hanging your defeated enemies from the roof of the trophy room is totally villain behavior. You're pretty sure there's a special exception for evil mechanized pinatas, though.


Mole Diamond

Much like a comically large penny, no one in Twilight is willing to make change for a diamond the size of a house. That makes this the most and least valuable diamond known, which is a factoid worth putting on the little placard beneath this display.

Anyway, the Mole People were using it as a drill bit, so no one should begrudge you if you hang it from the ceiling or use it to open recalcitrant jars of pickles.


Ice Swan

Although often imitated by sculptors, the rare and beautiful ice swan is only found in one natural habitat: self-aware, malevolent icebergs. There are more of those than you'd expect, but you'll have to hang on to this swan until you find one that isn't inhabited already.

In any case, it doesn't seem to mind sitting in your trophy case.


Scale Nanite

This 30,000,000:1 scale model of a nanite is really small. I mean, it's a little over an inch long, which makes it a cute little robot by Twilight standards.


Sludgyre Trophy

Strange oozes lying in bays distributing trophies is no basis for a system of government. It is a pretty nice trophy, though, if you ignore the part where it's largely melted and seems to have been for an ancient bowling league.


Massive Windchimes

Crafted from cast iron and silver age fabrics, these windchimes are a sight to behold and be heard. The slightest breeze echoes through the trophy room like church bells arm wrestling with a gamelan ensemble.


Hero Dash banner

For serial Hero Dash winners, a simple ribbon is no longer enough. They need a giant banner like this to slake their thirst for victory.

And, as it turns out, there are some serious winners in this league.


Lepidoptera Chrysalis

You're sure there won't be a problem keeping this gigantic chrysalis in your trophy case. I mean, it's not like a giant butterfly might emerge from it and threaten the city, right?

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  • The Mole Diamond description contains a reference to the giant penny in the Batcave.
  • The Sludgyre Trophy description contains a reference to a piece of political philosophy from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.