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General Info

In-Game Username: Avenger
Character ID: 14824


  • Fix Wok page when done making the IotM pages
  • Discussion Template

--Avenger (talk) 1:41, 11 February 2020 (PHT)

IotM stuff

  • Buying 2020's hindsight glasses

You knew you'd regret not having given the shopkeeper 10 silver stars for those glasses, so you beat the rush.

Need Plurals

  • lucky seven shooter
  • spooky pumpkin mask
  • Lief Blauer's Leafblower
  • Father Time's scythe
  • 2020's hindsight glasses

Need Spading:

  • Leafblower leaves
  • Father Time's Scythe extra scythes?
  • "Despite the defeat of the Daylight Saver, time continues to wobble along its course."

Anybody figure this out yet? Going to St. Anne's park yields no Hopping Pond for me. Tried on accounts both with and without Daylight Saver drops.