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Hi, Sanjuro here. This page is for whatever.

Temporary storage

  • Purchasing lucky seven shooter:
You're able to pick up a lucky seven shooter for only 10 silver stars. You feel like a lucky punk.

  • Purchasing spooky pumpkin mask:
You're able to get a spooky mask for just 10 silver stars. Now you're ready to Halloween in style.

  • Purchasing leaf blower:
This place has a reputation for pretty good deals, but 10 silver stars for a leafblower is pretty good, even ignoring the whole history of heroism.

  • Purchasing gingerbread shield:
You try to buy the shield in gingerbread stars, but the gingerbread price is outrageous. It's a good thing you have 10 silver stars instead.

  • Plural of rose dice cream cake:
rose dice cream cakes

  • Purchasing Father Time's scythe:
It's a new year, which means time for a sale on the new model of scythes! Seriously, only 10 silver stars?

  • Purchasing 2020 hindsight glasses:
You knew you'd regret not having given the shopkeeper 10 silver stars for those glasses, so you beat the rush.

  • Purchasing marching baton:
You give the shopkeeper 10 silver stars and receive the weighty responsibilities of Major Drum, or at least a drum major.

  • Purchasing Death's dark feather:
You channel every fan that thinks you need a dark and edgy reboot, give your best growl, and buy the feather for 5 silver stars.

  • Purchasing Eldritch's arcanf annulus:
Unimaginable arcane blessings tumble downward from the stars themselves... specifically from the 5 silver stars you paid the shopkeeper.

  • Purchasing Sweeper's curled rock:
Technically, purchasing the curled rock requires 5 silver stars and affirming you watch curling all the time, but the shopkeeper is willing the waive the last part.

  • Purchasing Favorite's untouchable apple:
You pass the teacher... er, shopkeeper 5 silver stars and thus is the title of Favorite passed to you.

  • Purchasing Nunya business suit:
You manage to get a genuine Nunya suit for only 10 silver stars! Now you're in business!

  • Purchasing mayday bell:
You hand over 10 silver stars and the shopkeeper rings a bell. His assistant brings out another, much cooler, bell to give to you.

  • Purchasing spotter monociar:
You hand over 10 silver stars and he points out he's already given you the monocular. Okay, maybe you do need a little help.
    • Using spotter monocular:

Your sidekick tries out all the functions on the binoculars: rangefinding, itemfinding, perspectivefinding, weightfinding, and even gainzfinding. They're ready to spot everything.

Your sidekick learns a role: Spotter.

  • Purchasing Jewel Eye:
It seems like the Jewel Eye should cost more than 10 silver stars, but even heroes need to jump on a bargain when they see one.

  • Purchasing melting wax pants:
It would seem like 10 silver stars is a steal for some genuine wax pants, but shipping in August means things always go a little... melty.

  • Purchasing the Septagon:
You purchase the Septagon for 10 silver stars. Man, you can't wait to get back home to stare at this bad boy.

  • Purchasing costume trunk:
You hand the shopkeeper 10 silver stars and he disappears upstairs. A few minutes later, he comes back with a box full of Halloween cheer!
    • Using costume trunk:

Your sidekick's eyes glitter with the costume opportunities.

Your sidekick learns a role: Cosplayer.

  • Purchasing Beeknee helicopter beanie:
You hand the shopkeeper 10 silver stars. Weeks later he returns with a helicopter beanie and a box. A box!

  • Purchasing muffling muffler:
Ten silver stars gets you the thickest muffler that has ever been created in Twilight.

  • Purchasing calendar-a-day calendar:
You buy ten months of calendars for a silver star each and the shopkeeper throws in the other two months for free.
    • Using calendar-a-day-calendar:
With enviable restraint, your sidekick checks out the first page of the calendar.

Your sidekick learns a role: Calendarmonger.

  • Purchasing Radiant's Rainbow:
For 5 silver stars, the shopkeeper breaks out the prism and some glitter, summoning the full power of Radiant down onto his craft project.

  • Purchasing Luxuriant's Cat:
For 5 silver stars, the shopkeeper lets you adopt the cutest technicolor kitten art. You can feel the adorable scorn.

  • Purchasing Brilliant's Unicorn:
You buy a stunningly realistic piece of unicorn glitter art for 5 silver stars. Thankfully it's not an actual unicorn, because you're pretty sure those are endangered.

  • Purchasing Pleasant's Smile:
You slip the shopkeeper 5 silver stars and he gives you a smile. Well, the button is smiling. He's as blank-faced as ever.

  • Purchasing The Champion's belt:
You give the shopkeeper 10 silver stars to set up a title fight and elbow drop the reigning champion into next year. The crowd goes wild!

  • Purchasing March hair:
For 10 silver stars, the shopkeeper would butter his own hair, but luckily there's some vintage straw in the back he can sell instead.

  • Purchasing wizard wagon:
For 10 silver stars, you get a vintage car with the best paint job in the history of paint jobs. It's got a wizard on the side and everything!

  • Purchasing JBH starter kit:
For 10 silver stars, you get the whole Jukebox Hero kit, complete with Jukebox and a bunch of weird metal chips to put it in, but the fine print says you need to provide your own hero.
    • Using JBH starter kit:
Your sidekick sets up the jukebox and pretty soon can't help but start singing along to the collection of oldies, royalty-free songs, and inexplicably good selection of punk music.

Your sidekick learns a role: Jukebox Singer.

  • Plural of fudge ripple dice cream cake:
fudge ripple dice cream cakes

  • Purchasing Pants of Liberty:
For 10 silver stars, you get a little piece of history: the Pants of Liberty. Thankfully, the shopkeep hadn't been wearing them in the meantime.

  • Purchasing Golden Gust crown:
For 10 silver stars, you get a golden crown! Such a good deal! The shopkeeper tries to fill you in on its backstory, but it's very shiny.

  • Puchasing the Adder:
For 10 silver stars, the shopkeeper adds something to your inventory! It sounds pretty generic, but really he's just showing off the Adder.

  • Purchasing all day planner:
For 10 silver stars, the shopkeeper sneaks you a day planner. Wait, why is it already full of stuff to do?

  • Purchasing love-crafted holiday sweater:
For only 10 silver stars, the lovingly-crafted sweater is passed on to you. It's less regifting and more that that sweater chooses the wearer.

  • Purchasing sequel shotgun:
For just 10 silver stars, the shopkeeper listens to your pitch. He seems impressed enough by your ideas of a superhero constantly going back to correct the mistakes of the past that he gives you an ancient studio heirloom.

  • Purchasing plush liver d'amour:
When you go into a mysterious shop and spend 10 silver stars for a new liver, you're really glad everyone's on the same page with you getting a huggable plush.

  • Purchasing wand of dimes:
You're not quite sure how being magical affects exchange rates, but ten silver stars gets you some extremely magical dimes.

  • Purchasing heavy metal music box:
You trade 10 silver stars for a music box that, knowing shops like this, is probably cursed. That might explain the "explicit lyrics" sticker.