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Any additional data points are always welcome and encouraged. If you have anything to add please place it here, in the relevant discussion tab, or if you aren't 100% comfortable with the wiki send an in-game PM. All I ask is that you indicate what it is for. As an example: "10,12,11,14" doesn't help a ton but specifying what item it was for will help immensely.

The To-Do List:

  • Elemental resistances/weaknesses are in the home stretch.
(In progress: Remaining cereal criminals.)
(Not exactly feasible: The URs and old event encounters.)
  • Tons of combat items left to go.
(In progress: overamped PDA, specter snare, ichor, fire bladder, and shocker pen.)
(Queued: ectoplasmic IotM, blank card combat items, gross bag, and sparkle bomb.)
  • Recovery items
(In progress: mind juice, and body fuel tank)
(Queued: Athelas leaf items)
  • Caffeine
(In progress: Caffeine from Nocturne's, scorched coffee, Manly Man energy drink, and green tea)
  • Sugar
(In progress: Sugar from Nocturne's, various Teeter Street sugar, ectoberry cereal, and root beer float)
  • Recently started
Chips drop for NCI Live encounters where the amount is undefined. As a weird sidenote all enemies in the NCI Live Basement either share the same chips drop or differ by only a few chips. Presently unsure if the other sections share that trend.
  • When I have enough time I'll start looking at the scaling xp non-combats on Yang Boulevard. Given how long Teeter Street has been taking this is probably going to be the lowest priority.
  • Semi-done but need more data to verify:
Mechanic for Camp Training Camp bonus clear (Working theory but needs more data)
Healing from specter snare (Approx. 10% of foe HP at round start with a floor of 5. Needs data.)
Exact function of Terce's memo (Looks like ~1/5 of remaining HP but could be ~1/6. Needs lots of data.)

  • There is always more to be done but nothing will be added until more of the outstanding queue is trimmed down. Requests will be considered but if they are impractical from a time or resource stance I am likely to refuse unless my queue is quite open.