What the Hell?!

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It's not exactly easy, but you manage to trick open the front door without setting off any alarms. Trusting that security might be lax this late at night, you creep through the lobby and over to the elevator. You pick a floor at random and ride the elevator up. It opens onto a darkened office, a maze of cubicles sprawling across the entirety of the floor. You poke around for a few minutes, but it looks like a genuine office, and finding anything incriminating there might take hours or days.

So you decide to move farther up the building and see if something more interesting appears at a higher floor. When the elevator dings open you start to step inside and then freeze in utter shock. There, in front of you, is something that's vaguely humanoid but is most definitely not human! The eyes are entirely black, the the[sic] mouth juts forward in something resembling a muzzle, and you can see it has only four fingers on its overly large and clawed hands.

Luckily for you, whatever it is seems nearly as startled by you and your outlandish costume as you do by its presence. You both stare at each other, motionless, until the elevator doors glide shut. Only then do you shake off the surprise. What the hell was that thing? And what's it doing in this building?