You're glue shirt

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Item Number: 2690
Description ID: 72237206
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you're glue shirt
Plural: you're glue shirts
Something got mixed up somewhere along the way. When Giganto first started researching the technology behind this shirt (and believe-you-me, there's a lot here) it was supposed to reflect things back away. Hence the name.

Unfortunately, someone got some wires crossed, and now it's more of a black hole shirt: everything sticks to it. That could still be handy and useful, but it's rather less glamorous.

At least it wasn't renamed the "fly paper shirt".

August 2017 Item of the Month

Power: 45
Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

+5 damage absorption
+5% item drops
Attacker takes +10% psychic damage upon successful hit.
Bounces back all sorts of damage

How Obtained


  • When bought: The shopkeeper accepts your 10 silver stars and hands you a shirt. You hope he's happy with the trade, because he's stuck with it.

Item of the Month
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August 2017
you're glue shirt
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