Attica Gets No Respect

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The next bend in the hallway takes you through a large conference room. Or it would take you through it, except for the large number of angry, bearded, and beshielded men blocking your way. Weird lighting overhead gives the entire room a strange sepia tone that just screams for you to watch out. The apparent leader of the men--he's got an unusually large beard and appears particularly muscled--steps forward. "I am Leon. This is Conference Room Sparta. You must defeat each of us if you wish to pass."

"Defeat each of you? Like what, one at a time, here in the doorway? That's madness!"

"Madness?" he yells.

Well, you can probably guess what happens next. There's a lot of yelling about the importance of the conference room and how much they like the name, and then you're kicked down a flight of stairs. You take the door out and find yourself back by the building entrance. You don't like the odds, but there doesn't seem to be anything to do but fight.

or, with at least 4 Madness :

The other men look at you, then look at him, then back to you, then back to him... seemingly disappointed that he's not you, they part to let you face Leon hero-a-mano.

He looks over his legion and yells "This is madness!"

You probably know what happens next. If you don't, it involves you yelling about Twilight and someone getting kicked down the stairs... hopefully someone whose name rhymes with Neon Tinnitus.




  • The entire encounter references the movie 300.