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damage range against Robots
Item Number: 1160
Description ID: 1428511
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Plural: degaussers
The bane of credit cards everywhere, the degausser will rip information right out of magnetic strips and sources of data anywhere. While it's probably a handy thing to have when trying to grab or destroy someone else's data, you might want to keep it away from your wallet.

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 35
Combat Usable

How Obtained


When Used in Combat

Against A.R.F. foes, except Red Ring of Death:

You press the trigger on the degausser. There's a slight thump, and a humming sound. Your target's distribution gets significantly less clustered about the mean. By which I mean it begins to waver, changes color rapidly, and then dissolves almost completely. All that's left over is a couple of pieces of code that barely make up a little subscript.

Against BSoD or drat cat:
You got an item: subscript alpha Subscript1.gif
Against Green Horseshoe of Death or no carrier:
You got an item: subscript beta Subscript2.gif
Against D-bug or Spider Crawler:
You got an item: subscript gamma Subscript3.gif
Against General Protection Fault or Silk Worm:
You got an item: subscript iota Subscript4.gif
Against Anatolian mule or data police:
You got an item: subscript omicron Subscript5.gif

Against other Robots:

You apply the degausser to your opponent. Yes, it's a virtual representation of a degausser, but robots process the code for digital items just like they're interacting with the real item. In effect, you've programmed your opponent to degauss itself. Your opponent starts speaking in robot tongues (what is that, assembly language?) and sparks fly out from the casing. Your opponent takes 41-57 damage.

Against other foes:

You try to run the degausser code against a brick-and-mortar (well, real world) opponent. Needless to say, this technique does not work as planned. Your opponent smacks the code out of your hand and continues the fight well within one standard deviation of the condition they had been in moments before.