Rooftops of downtown

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Rooftops of downtown
Location: Survey the Rooftops of Downtown
Unlocks: special action in Gotta Move Quick
Combat %: 80
Foe XP range: 90-105
ID: 27

Adventuring in this area requires the ability to either fly or super jump. If you do not have any of these abilities you get:


You try to get to the rooftops of the tall buildings, but you can't reach.

Combat Adventures

armored warrior

Item Drops: needler, trylon tights, xentrium breastplate, IQ120

Chip Drops: 76-98

Experience Gained: 95

brutish man

Item Drops: corrupt amulet, lamp post, raccoon mask, tattered shorts

Chip Drops: 90-120

Experience Gained: 103

crazy scientician

Item Drops: caffeine pill, de-enervation juice, embiggening tonic, lab coat

Chip Drops: 96-128

Experience Gained: 105

shadowy figure

Item Drops: black gloves, black hood, sneakiers

Chip Drops: 70-100

Experience Gained: 90

Limited-Time Adventures

Not to Choose Is Not a Choice
  • Help the psion think: (you gain 5 Intellect)
  • Help the gadgeteer build: (you gain 5 Reflexes)
  • Help the naturalist chase: (you gain 5 Strength)
  • Help the elemental with your skills.: bonus skill point

Notes: Occurs only four times.

Brutes Can't Learn

  • Experience: 200

Notes: Part of the Moon Over Twilight, Brutes Over Downtown quest.
Only occurs between the adventures Like Muscle Beach Without the Beach and Go Jump a Building

Noncombat Adventures

The Only Way to Win Is Not to Play

  • Experience: 90-105

Notes: Available after four occurrences of Not to Choose Is Not a Choice.

One-time Adventures

Like Muscle Beach Without the Beach

Notes: Temporarily replaces encounters with brutes from Rooftops over WoDo.
Part of the Moon Over Twilight, Brutes Over Downtown quest.

Go Jump a Building

Notes: Opens Patrol the rooftops of WoDo and Tiny's Hut
Returns the area encounters to normal.
Part of the Moon Over Twilight, Brutes Over Downtown quest.

Static Villains

Biff Socko

Item Drops: Biff Socko's socks


  • The chance of each adventure outside of the relevant part of the quest, combat or non-combat, is equal (1/5).