VHF-1 Exosuit

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Item Number: 443
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VHF-1 Exosuit
Plural: VHF-1 Exosuits
Whether you're fighting an armada of gargantuan humans or blowing aliens out of an airlock, this exosuit just might be your best friend. The look on your opponent's face when you throw them across the room is sure to be priceless. The strength, protection, and speed that it provides will allow you to survive in any enemy culture. Or proto-culture, even.

May 2008 Item of the Month

Full-body suit
Power: 90
Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

+15 Strength
+20 defense
-10 seconds to the duration of each turn***

*** Maximum time benefit of -60 seconds, total, including Heroic Efficiency.

How Obtained

Using a VHF-1 Fighter.

When Used

You pull a lever inside the exosuit. Before you know it, you're seated in the cockpit of a small but mighty jet plane.

You got an item: VHF-1 Fighter Vhf-1-fighter.gif


  • References several aspects of the Macross anime series. Specifically Variable fighters transforming from a fighter to a mech, fighting giant aliens, and Protoculture.
  • Blowing aliens out of an airlock is a reference to the movie Aliens.

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May 2008
VHF-1 Fighter
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