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Viking Games jersey
Plural: Viking Games Dela-wares
The Viking Games developed a few years ago from a merger of a number of other winter sports competitions. Their standard jersey reflects this merger, demonstrating the triple-triangle valknut insignia of the Pan-Scandinavian Games (also sometimes known as the Scan-Pandinavian Games), merged with the inverted black triangle from the Norway Nineteen (a series of nineteen different excruciating arctic challenges), laid atop the red field of the Erik the Redback quadrathlon.

Sponsored by Dela Corp., a Swedish marketing firm, the unified Viking Games represent a near-lethal collection of competitions designed to test the speed, endurance, and frostbite tolerance of a few hundred mostly crazed descendants of once-fierce Norsemen.

It's not a particularly popular set of games. That's probably why the remainder shirts went to the Wok of Stars.

March 2010 Item of the Month

Power: 40
Item cannot be auto-sold

+10% Strength
+10% Reflexes
+5% to your maximum Hit Points
+5% to initiative
+5 XP per turn

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars


  • When bought: The shopkeeper takes the 10 silver stars and hands you a jersey commemmorating[sic] the Viking Games.


  • This item refers to the 2010 Winter Olympics which ended just as the item was introduced.
  • Some of the competitions mentioned may refer to competitions in the Winter Olympics. Norway Nineteen may refer to Nordic combined. Quadrathlon may refer to Biathlon.
  • Refers to the Valknut symbol.
  • The mention of Dela Corp. and the plural Dela-wares comes from the fact that New Jersey, sometimes shortened to "Jersey", and Delaware are neighbor states in the United States.
    • More specifically it refers to Perry Como's song Delaware.

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Viking Games jersey
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