Abyssinian exosuit

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Item Number: 831
Description ID: 6111871
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Abyssinian exosuit
Plural: Abyssinian exosuits
This suit was created during a tornado and provides the gift of song. No, wait, wrong Abyssinia. This one comes from an Ultimate Football arena, also known as the Land of Punt. If you have to ask why Ultimate Football players need resistance to fire, ice, electricity, and acid, clearly you're no fan of Ultimate Football.

Full-body suit
Power: 170
Level Required: 16
Autosell value: 265

+25% Intellect
+20% resist fire, ice, electric, and acid damage

How Obtained

Welding-torch.gif byzantium smart suit
Equals.gif Abyssinian exosuit


  • The first Abyssinia in the description is the one from the musical Abyssinia.
  • What the item really refers to is the Ethiopian Empire, also known as Abyssinia, which is considered to be the location of the ancient Land of Punt.
  • Punt is also an American football move, hence the ultimate football connection.