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Item Number: 775
Description ID: 1749763
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Plural: istanbuls of byzantium
Byzantium (the city) may be a long time gone, but the reputation for complex, labyrinthine traditions and thought processes lives on. This is reflected in the alloy that bears its name, also sometimes called "maze metal."

No, nobody ever calls it Constantinopleite. Why would you think that?

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 230
Can be welded

How Obtained

Catalyzing cybertronium.
Using prize box.

Other Uses



  • The plural is based on the fact that current day Istanbul was founded in the name Byzantium.
  • The description refers to Constantinople, another historical name of the city Istanbul.
  • All the items created by welding this metal reference names of cities and countries which, like Byzantium, are no longer used.
  • The phrase "long time gone" and discussion of Constantinople both reference the song Istanbul (Not Constantinople) by The Four Lads and later much more famously covered by They Might Be Giants.