Vinlands' End hiking boots

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Item Number: 833
Description ID: 1602123
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Vinlands' End hiking boots
Plural: Vinlands' End hiking boots
Part of the Erik the Red line of outdoors gear, these biking hoots ... er, hiking boots ... are generally only available through mail-order and internet shopping. The misplaced apostrophe in the company's name is an interesting story. Apparently the founder was under the mistaken impression that there used to be two separate Vinlands, back in the day. This misconception was later cleared up, but it was too late to change company marketing. To this day the owner continues to blame his mistake on a skraeling.

Power: 17
Level Required: 16
Autosell value: 105
Can be welded

+5% Intellect
+20 dodging ability

How Obtained

Welding-torch.gif byzantium chip loafers
Equals.gif Vinlands' End hiking boots

Other Uses


  • Refers to the clothing retailer Lands' End, the name of which is based on a typographical error which was too expensive to correct.
  • Refers to Vinland, the name given by ancient Norsemen to an area of North America.
  • Vinland is mainly known from the Saga of Erik the Red.
  • Skræling is the name the Norse Greenlanders used for the indigenous people of Vinland.