Boogaloo boots

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Item Number: 820
Description ID: 8618926
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boogaloo boots
Plural: boogaloo boots
With these boots you'll be dancing and popping around your opponents in a way you wouldn't believe. Just don't try to use them in South America, or you'll end up doing something like the mambo instead.

Power: 15
Level Required: 14
Autosell value: 105
Can be welded

+3 electric damage
+10% Reflexes
+10 dodging ability

How Obtained

Welding-torch.gif illuminum chip loafers
Equals.gif boogaloo boots

Other Uses


  • As the description mentions Popping, and given the electric nature of illuminum, this item is a reference to the dance style Electric boogaloo, which is a form of Popping.
  • Boogaloo is a totally different genre of Latin music and dance. One of the styles it is based on is the mambo.