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Item Number: 776
Description ID: 2122694
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Plural: lumps of illuminum
Illuminum is known primarily for two qualities: it's light and its light. For the former, thin sheets of it can be applied atop other fabrics to make a durable, flexible coating. For the latter, it has a curious property where motion causes a slow buildup of energy. With enough motion it begins to fluoresce and even spark.

Naturally, all the Brits call it Illuminium and insist that nobody stateside knows how to pronounce it properly.

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 230
Can be welded

How Obtained

Using Metalmorph with cybertronium.
Using prize box.

Other Uses



  • The line about Illuminium refers to Aluminium, which in many countries, including the states, is spelled "Alluminum". I guess they just don't know how to pronounce it properly.