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General Info

In-Game Username: Cristiona

Character ID: 24

Class: Villain

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Moderation.gif Snowflake.gif Barcode.gif


Alpha tester from the early, early days of the game, having joined in late November, 2006. Received a crib sheet on 2007-03-06 for finding an infinite turn bug caused by the tutorial; has had heavily skewed stats ever since. Also rediscovered a bug with the decreasing rest times that caused level fifty characters to be able to gain time when resting. Sometime around the creation of retcon she was promoted (such as it is) to head writer. Was so heavily involved in drama in high school that her bios are always in third person. She also calls them 'blurbs'.

Chat and Forum moderator; writer, keeper of mysteries, and lead troublemaker.

Current Projects

  1. Collecting Magic Truck Vehicles, your little friends, and parts to build mechapinatas. Help me build my army of armed pinatas in tragic mucks so that I can take over oil refineries when the apocalypse comes!
  2. Been nabbing golden apples too.
  3. Farming up a whole herd of pegasuseses and some horsies to keep them company.
  4. Various behind-the-scenes stuff.

TH Accomplishments

  • First player to reach level 127, which is the point at which each individual level requires more experience than leveling from 1 to 50.
  • Second player to hit level 150, on October 24th, 2009. Done powerleveling for real this time.
  • Wrote the level 8 quests. That's right, blame me.
  • This is my fault too.
  • Many more incidental items, Items of the Month, foes, events, quests and so on.

My Contributions

Villain.png This enemy is a nonspecified Villain.