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Item Number: 187
Description ID: 4793949
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crib sheet
Plural: crib sheets
The crib sheet is a tried-and-true cheating mechanism for ne'er-do-wells of all types. Though "cheating" in some cases might count as hacking or exploiting a system, or perhaps simply taking advantage of a poorly designed set of rules.

Possession of this sheet should not necessarily be taken as a sign of untrustworthiness or low morals. You might want to think twice before inviting the sheet's owner over to play a game, though.

As for how someone can garner an unfair advantage using a blanket from a baby's bed, well that's anyone's guess.

Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold

+10 Strength
+10 Intellect
+10 Reflexes

How Obtained

Given to players who find major, potentially game-breaking bugs.


  • Cristiona for finding an infinite turn bug.
  • Malk-a-mite for figuring out how to use PP and HP restores in the middle of combats.
  • Whuknose and Satan for finding and correctly identifying a problem with the way the gambling in the casino worked.
  • Olaf two of them, for multiple bugs, notably negative casino bets, running software on a mallet, and fighting the same enemy multiple times in the same turn. Only player to have more than one.
  • Valera for finding a bug that enabled a person to use a skill they didn't have.
  • Zillow for finding an item creation bug involving the MD shelving system.
  • whopurehead6 for finding an infinite chip and item dupe bug involving trades.
  • Patojonas for finding an item creation bug involving the equipment system.


A crib sheet is slang for a piece of paper that a student smuggles in to an exam with notes written on it to help. It could be as blatant as a list of answers if the student has somehow managed to get hold of that list.