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Character Information for Zillow (#1531)

Class: Always a Psion at heart Psion.gif

Current level: 1 - 11

Merit Badges:

Sun-go-up-sun-go-down.jpg Mmm-thats-good-cosmic-karma.jpg Nothing-but-kopi-luwak.jpg Left-and-gone-away.jpg
Getafirstlife-dot-com.jpg Twice-as-nice.jpg Think-im-a-banana-tree.gif Seismic-raspberry.jpg
Golden-oldie.jpg I-am-sofa-king.jpg Think-this-badge-is-about-you.gif Weeeeh-weeeeh-weeeeh.gif
Dinosaur-in-a-haystack.jpg Some-town-in-maryland.gif Six-half-tons-and-what-do-you-get.gif Thirty-days-hath-september.gif
Those-are-razor-thin-margins.gif Quicker-picker-upper.gif You-say-checkmate-i-say-checkmate.gif Once-twice-four-times-a-hero.gif
You-omicron-believe-it.gif I-always-died-on-the-first-screen.gif Elephant-in-my-pajamas.jpg This-cant-possibly-be-good.gif
Golf-clap-for-heroes-at-work.jpg Sixtyeightdude.jpg Stayfrostymyfriends.gif Likeanionstormonyourweddingday.gif

Hero's Journal

  • You have made friends with Susan Novak, a scientist at the university. You can find her there if you have science-related questions.

Personal Rankings for Stats

  • Strength: 10
  • Intellect: 10
  • Reflexes: 12
  • Base HP: 112
  • Base PP: 10
  • XP: 12
    • Computed nightly. Compared to all players who have logged in during the past 60 days.

Virtual Reality Gaming Center Status

  • Flight Simulator rating: 457
  • Empire Building rating: 252
  • Virtual Sports rating: 252

Sector 7-Gamma

  • You have defeated 615 robots in Sector 7-Gamma

Space Donations

Trick or Treat

  • You had a mob of 23 trick-or-treaters this year.

S.U.I.T. Software Contributions

  • S.U.I.T. Points earned for data processing: 1,617

Astral Stock Exchange Earnings

  • ASX chips earned: 68,440

Cave Invaders

  • You cleared 28,424 pounds of rock from the collapsed mine
  • You defeated 1,625 creatures inside Sunset Strip Mine

Hyde Park Foes

  • You defeated 3,702 frusion creatures in Hyde Park

Ursula's Evil Toys

  • You have defeated 912 of Ursula's evil toys

Contributions to Twilight Heroes

After Ryme's Typo On Jan. 28


Chips: 646,255,000 
Time: 2:30:05 AM

Bedtime: 2:33 AM (~0 turns left)