NCI Live building

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NCI Live building
Location: (Jekyll and) Hyde Park
Unlocks: during Cat and Mick-y Mouse Game
Combat %: 80
Foe XP range:
ID: 55

The Mick is somewhere in here. Can you find him before it's too late?

  • NCI Live building opens as you approach Rand for the second time during Cat and Mick-y Mouse Game.
  • The location includes 35 rooms numbered from left to right, from top to bottom, skipping levels 6 and 7. See schematic below.
  • A room can be in one of four states:
    • Accessible for visit. Once a certain number of foes are defeated, or non combats are encountered, the way is cleared and the room is no longer available. Marked with Can-visit.gif
    • The room is not accessible yet. Marked with Cant-visit.gif
    • Accessible for perpetual visit. You can adventure in this room as much as you want. Marked with Perpetual.gif
    • Room cleared. Marked as an empty square.
  • You start with only room 26 available.
  • In each of the rooms except special rooms, either a non-combat can occur (same non-combats for the entire building) or a combat. Combats belong to one of three groups, based on the floor.
    • Floors 1,2,5 : top management foes
    • Floors 6,7 : middle management foes
    • Floors 8,9 : basement foes
  • Villains can be encountered as usual. Defeating a villain does not count as clearing the room.

Special Encounters

Room 1

What the $%&@^*

Room 2

The Mick

Item Drops: blue chip, the Mick's sketchy candy, the Mick's Thunderbolt, the Mick's gorilla vest

Experience Gained: scaling

Room 3

Return of the Understudy

Room 6

Attempting to enter this room without a grappling hook from room 16 or an improvised grapnel or artisanal grapnel:


There's some kind of construction going on in the floors above you. Most of the area is walled off, but right here there's four floors of empty space up to the top level. It's way too high to climb, or even jump, and the space is too narrow to try flying. There's a lot of metal up at the top, though, if you had something you could hook over it and then climb up.

After getting a grappling hook or improvised grapnel or artisanal grapnel, you only get combat encounters. Encounters begin with:

You toss up the grappling hook/improvised grapnel/artisanal grapnel, latch it onto some cross-beams way up there, and shimmy your way on up the rope. Uh-oh, looks like someone's waiting for you at the top!

Room 8

Not-Okay Corral

office frontiersman

Item Drops: sharpshooter's rifle, buckskin coat

Chip Drops: 85-189

Experience Gained: 135

Notes: Beating 6 enables David C. Rockett

David C. Rockett

Item Drops: sharpshooter's rifle, buckskin coat, Rockett's coonskin cap

Chip Drops: 108-196

Experience Gained: 145

Big Adventure

Room 15


Room 16

A Swarm of Staples

Notes: Occurs without swingline stapler

A Duel to the Death! Well, to the Pain

Notes: Occurs with swingline stapler

Room 21


Room 23

Before Information Technology's Secret Weapon (with paperclip):


Gonna Let the Elevator Bring Us Down

Hm, the elevator doesn't seem to be working. That's gonna be a problem. They must have locked all the machinery down. You're going to have to find some stairs or figure out how to turn this thing back on.

Room 24

Attica Gets No Respect

Notes: Followed by office hoplite

office hoplite

Item Drops: hoplon, hoplite sword

Chip Drops: 70-175

Experience Gained: 123

Notes: Defeat seven to open Betrayed By the One He Mocked

Betrayed By the One He Mocked

Notes: followed by Leon Idas

Leon Idas

Item Drops: hoplon, hoplite sword, Leon's beard

Chip Drops: 94-165

Experience Gained: 130

Room 26

Corporate Insecurity


The Matrix Recoded


ultimate security guard

Chip Drops: 114-186

Experience Gained: 115

Notes: defeating four cleans the room

Room 31

Information Technology's Secret Weapon (without paperclip)

Notes: If you don't have combat paperclip in your inventory

Information Technology's Secret Weapon (with paperclip)

  • Experience: 200


Room 34

Requires super jumping or you get:


Holy Floors with Holes in Them, <name>!

For about a quarter of a second you consider jumping through the hole in the floor here, but then decide that's a bad idea. For one thing, you don't know how to get back up. What if it's a trap? What if you starve to death down there?

Playing it safe isn't exactly your thing, but in this case you probably ought to be prepared with some super-jump option before going down there.

Maybe you could build yourself a set of boots or something? That army surplus store in Bayside sells some boots, then you'd just need to assemble them with something stretchy.

Room 35


General encounters



femaleroom clerk

Item Drops: throwing pen, spiky heels

Chip Drops: 87-145

Experience Gained: 116

intimidating janitor

Item Drops: combat paperclip, epic mop

Chip Drops: 88-147

Experience Gained: 117

IT drone

Item Drops: taped glasses, SQUID disc: Brain Computers and You

Chip Drops: 87-144

Experience Gained: 115

mailroom clerk

Item Drops: chain links, chain links

Chip Drops: 87-145

Experience Gained: 116

maleroom clerk

Item Drops: paper cut gloves, taped glasses, Manly Man energy drink

Chip Drops: 87-144

Experience Gained: 115


Item Drops: shocker pen, bubble gum, relaxing flats, nail file

Chip Drops: 87-144

Experience Gained: 115

Middle Management

catfish lawyer

Item Drops: attache case, business card, chip loafers, legal briefs

Chip Drops: 93-154

Experience Gained: 123

gonzo accountant

Item Drops: swingline stapler

Chip Drops: 94-157

Experience Gained: 125

high-sailing accountant

Item Drops: eyepatch, red pen, rubber cutlass

Chip Drops: 94-157

Experience Gained: 125

inept engineer

Item Drops: SQUID disc: Slacking for Slackers, scorched coffee

Chip Drops: 94-155

Experience Gained: 124

inHumane Resources harpy

Item Drops: benefits package, razor claw, razor claw

Chip Drops: 96-159

Experience Gained: 127

killer printer

Item Drops: power converter, mangled data plate, data plate, titanium plating, electronic cabling, nanoprocessor, titanium chassis, memory tube

Chip Drops: 97-159

Experience Gained: 127

paralegal paramour

Item Drops: relaxing flats, dainty glasses, box of files, alluring business suit

Chip Drops: 93-154

Experience Gained: 123

Top Management

CEO's secretary

Item Drops: combat paperclip, alluring business suit, switchboard garrote

Chip Drops: 102-169

Experience Gained: 135

corporate espionage specialist

Item Drops: explosive briefing, scavenged death ray, Lil' Jerk Disguise Kit

Chip Drops: 102-169

Experience Gained: 135

hatchet-handed executive

Item Drops: hatchet, off-handed hatchet, shrunken head

Chip Drops: 100-167

Experience Gained: 133

Mr. Stoat

Item Drops: slick suit, long knife

Chip Drops: 100-167

Experience Gained: 134

pointy-haired executive

Item Drops: employee manual, office trebuchet, power tie, staff of meeting

Chip Drops: 99-164

Experience Gained: 131

professional sycophant

Chip Drops: 113-188

Experience Gained: 130


Petty Theft
  • Chip Drops: 100-120

Shouldn't This Be At the Casino?

  • Experience: 100-125

If you somehow manage to enter an already cleared room:


Yeah, Empty Is Still Empty

You've already cleared this zone of baddies. It remains empty.

If you somehow manage to enter an impossible room:


You Want to Go Where, Now?

You're in an office building with a lot of different rooms on a lot of different floors. However, the combination of floor and room you're trying to go to doesn't exist, in this building, at least. Maybe you should double-check that address and make sure you're trying to go to the right place.

Static Villains


Item Drops: Terce's memo