The Mick's sketchy candy

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Item Number: 1397
Description ID: 7653541
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the Mick's sketchy candy
Plural: pouches of the Mick's sketchy candy
You aren't sure what to make of this. It seems to be some kind of imported candy made from an unrecognizable fruit, sealed in a clear plastic pouch. Not only does it look hideous, but the wrapper uses syntax unknown to sane humans. Why does it say that it has 12% of your daily "ashes" allowance? Ashes?! Maybe this horrible "candy" was part of why he was so mean. Use at your own risk!

Miscellaneous Item
Level Required: 10
Item cannot be auto-sold
Contains sugar (2)

How Obtained

NCI Live building‎

When Consumed

Once, when you were visiting an old-timey shop, you tried some horehound candy, just to see what kind of treats they used to eat back in the day. It was without a doubt the worst candy you have ever eaten, until this moment. It takes all you can do to choke this stuff down. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

You gain 80-120 XP. You gain 3 strength. You gain 3 intellect. You gain 3 reflexes.

Clock-white.gif Bedtime: +20-26 minutes

Using multiple: Same as single use


  • Refers to a terrible candy known as "Chamoy of Frut" from the now-defunct Bad Candy Website.