Mangled data plate

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Item Number: 202
Description ID: 3734987
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mangled data plate
Plural: mangled data plates
This once was a valuable functioning data plate, but some fool has gone and dented it or otherwise made it work not so well. It's scratched and slightly bent, and not very healthy looking. Still, the plate might have something useful on it.

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 20

Can be decrypted

How Obtained

City of Lost Robots

NCI Live building‎

Vincile building

Assemble.gif data plate hammer
Equals.gif mangled data plate

Using throwing star - magnetar in combat (sometimes)

Other Uses

Can be decrypted into one of the following at random:


  • When created you get the message:
You take the mangled[sic] data plate out into the back alley and go all Office Space on it. In your enthusiasm, you leave your hammer behind when you're done, and when you go back later it's not there anymore.
  • Unlike most assembled items, this item cannot be disassembled.


  • The message when creating this item refers to a scene in the movie Office Space in which some people smash a piece of office machinery.