Titanium plating

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Item Number: 207
Description ID: 3606919
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titanium plating
Plural: pieces of titanium plating
This is "a mutilating pint" of titanium plating. Well, it's not so much mutilating as mutilated, and it's not so much a pint as lots of ounces--non-fluid ounces. Okay, so it's a bent sheet of metal, weighing a couple of pounds.

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 15
Can be welded

How Obtained

Fighting Robots

Quadrant Delta-Delta-Delta Force

Sector 7-Gamma

A renegade robot hive

City of Lost Robots

Golden Wooden Nickel Casino

Back of the House

Military base of the Unborn

Byzantine Interior of the Unborn Base

NCI Live building‎

Vincile building

Other Uses