Beanbag cannon

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Item Number: 59
Description ID: 3824131
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beanbag cannon
Plural: beanbag cannons
This is a mechanical tube that fires beanbags as projectiles. The original design intended this weapon to be a painful but not terribly dangerous tool for crowd control. In this case, some overenthusiastic mechanic has made a home improvement, rewiring it to give it more power. It's very effective, but firing this gun gives you a strange compulsion to start grunting intermittently like some sort of cave man.

Ranged weapon (Firearm)
Power: 33
Level Required: 3
Autosell value: 20
Can be welded

1% chance to stun opponents

How Obtained

Campus: Investigate a Protest

The Docks

Other Uses


  • The description is a reference to Tim Allen's grunting and souping-up of household items on the sitcom Home Improvement.