Guatemalan pepperjuice

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Item Number: 267
Description ID: 4221230
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Guatemalan pepperjuice
Plural: Guatemalan pepperjuices
According to the label, this juice is made from a blend of peppers, spices, and other herbs, some of which are believed to stimulate the mind and body. Looking closely, you realize you don't recognize the names of most of the ingredients. Just to be clear, this stuff is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Miscellaneous Item
Level Required: 3
Autosell value: 120
Contains caffeine (2)

How Obtained

The Docks

When Consumed

Against all logic, you drink the Guatemalan pepperjuice. Man that's hot! It feels like your insides are on fire, from your head to your toes.

Clock-white.gif Bedtime: +32-38 minutes

You start sweating profusely. You gain an effect: The Sweats. (Added for 35 minutes.)
Using multiple: Same as single use

Other Uses