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Go to Elemental Skills (level 11 skill, trained at the Training Room)


With your elemental insight, you can convert the molecules of certain metals into other metals. Theoretically, more valuable metals.

Can upgrade certain metals

Noncombat Skill
Cost: 20 PP


  • The items that can be metalmorphed depend on S, where S is the number of Skill-point.gif skill points invested.
S required Source Target
0 Titanium Cryonite
1 Plasteel Cavorite
2 Badly Bent Knife Goodly Bent Knife
2 Dark Arts Lark Dances
2 Gears Throwing Gears
2 Hammer Metal Carbide Hammer
2 Hedge Slammer Hack Jammer
2 Metal-Rimmed Frisbee Razor-Rimmed Frisbee
3 Cybertronium Illuminum
4 Depleted Dust Enriched Earth
5 Big Honkin' Hammer Universal Hammer
5 Big Left Hook Stage Hook
5 Bionic Bolas Bionic Whip
5 Chain Links Markov Chain
5 Combat Paperclip Bent Paperclip
5 Dented Hubcap Focusing Mirror
5 Golden Apple Platinum Pear
5 Hinged Cyborg Staff Unhinged Cyborg Staff
5 Military Sidearm Lucky Punk Special
5 Pronged Javelin Quadrident
5 U.R.L. U.F.O.
5 Unleaded Pipe Unleaded Blowgun
6 Tritanium Pentium
7 Anodized Bascinet Bass Bascinet
7 Anodized Chauses Chimney Chauses
7 Cast Arm Cast Golem Arm
7 Dimestaff Fiveanddimestaff
7 Foundry Shield Foundational Shield
7 Foundry Suit Quandary Suit
7 Moulded Bouts Grounding Boots
7 Throwing Axe Set Throne Axes
7 Weakened Byrnie Resuscitated Byrnie
8 Polysteel Paladinum
9 Infernium Slab Moltinum
10 Byzantium Malkamite
  • In practice used from the Workbench interface at your Hideout.
  • When skill points were first introduced, the PP cost was to be 20 - round(S/2). The metals that could be metalmorphed were to depend on S:
S required Source Target
0 Titanium Cryonite
0 Plasteel Cavorite
3 Cybertronium Illuminum
6 Tritanium Pentium
8 Polysteel Paladinum
10 Byzantium Malkamite
  • Prior to the introduction of skill points, all metals could be metalmorphed. X was 20.