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Training Room
Location: Somerset Square

You are in an enormous vaulted space that appears considerably larger on the inside than it appears from the outside. A strange, mystical, timeless aura fills the place, as if you're not quite in the normal world. The air is scented with a blend of incense and sweaty socks. Scattered around the room are heroes engaged in a variety of activities, ranging from meditation to hand-to-hand combat.

You are currently level X.

If you do not have enough experience points to gain a level:

You still need Y XP to go to the next level

If you have already reached the 25th level:

Your instructor smiles and shakes her head. She says, "You have learned as much as you can from this place. I cannot teach you any more."

(Training for higher levels occurs at The Nagual Mystic, Out in the Desert, or with Pentacron in the Aquasson Base on The Space Station).

If you have enough experience to gain a level:

You have enough experience to go up to level X+1.
Training will cost Z chips.

Get Some Training

Gaining a Level

Your instructor straps you into a weird headset and pops in a couple of chips. Your eyelids flicker for a moment, and you pass out. When you come to, both the instructor and the headset are gone, but your head is filled with new knowledge. Whoah.


Your instructor pulls out a small crystal and a tiny silver hammer. She places the crystal against your forehead. You hear her whisper something that sounds like "Third eye" and then she taps the crystal with the hammer. Ringing tones fill your head, resolving into a new mystical understanding of the world.


You trainer sends you to a sensory deprivation tank. You spend most of the hour in an out-of-body experience as a cat playing with a ball of string, but in the last five minutes you quit wasting time and actually tap into something educational.


Your trainer takes you to an arena where you spar for the better part of an hour. By the end you're pretty beaten up, but you feel like you've learned quite a bit.


You gain a level!

You gain x hit points. You gain x power points.

Your strength increases by x points.
Your intellect increases by x points.
Your reflexes increase by x points.

You acquire a new skill:
Skill Name


You relearn a long-forgotten skill:
Skill Name

or, if you already have the skill permed

They offer to teach you a new skill:
Skill Name
but you already know it.


They offer to teach you a new skill:
Skill Name but you already know it.


There is not currently an available skill at this level (but there will be someday!).


There's no skill to acquire.


Skill-point.gif You get X skill points that you can invest into improving skills.

if this is your first time reaching this level this retcon

You get an adrenaline rush!

Bedtime +60 minutes.

if you already reached this level before

You've seen some of this before, as a previous class. It's informative, but not as exciting. You get an adrenaline blip.

Bedtime +5 minutes.

This also restores your HP and PP to fullness.

Merit Badges

In order to receive any of the Merit Badges, you must come here to the Heroes' Guild. See the text under each badge.


  • For experience points (XP) and chips needed to gain each level, see the table at Level Mechanics.
  • For skills gained at each level, see Class Comparison Tables.
  • Skill points gained at each level are 2 during Original Continuity. Once a Retcon occurs, additional skill points happen once per level, for each retcon.
    • After 1 retcon, 3 skill points will be earned at level 2
    • After 3 retcons, 3 skill points will be earned at levels 2, 3, and 4
    • After 11 retcons, you gain 4 skill points at level 2 and 3 points at levels 3-11.
    • Extra skill points are distributed in levels 2-11.
  • For attribute points gained at each level (HP, PP, Strength, Intelligence, and Reflexes), see the table here.
  • Training twice without leaving the screen will give you the Delayed Gratification Merit Badge.
  • The "long-forgotten" message will only appear when learning an already-permed skill in a no-skills run.
  • When the Catalyze skill is gained additional text is displayed:
With your new knowledge your[sic?] build yourself a catalyzer unit that you keep in your hideout.