The Space Station

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The Space Station
Location: University Heights
Unlocks: after A Mysterious Ruin


(This section is only available with the dreamer's clock equipped.)

The Depths of Space
(with dreamer's clock equipped)

The Space Station

This area is only available after and during the A Mysterious Ruin quest. The station itself goes through several phases of building:

At this point all the facilities of the station are open. These include the Space Station Sickbay and Radiation Lab:

Top SponsorsRadiation LabSpace Station SickbayUniversity HeightsSpace3d.gif
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The space station goes through one more phase:

At this point Fighting Robots is open, see Space Robots!. After defeating the robots for four days (which also requires being level 12 or more) the station reaches its final stage:

This opens an additional locations:

Quadrant Delta-Delta-Delta ForceRow vs. Wade BattlefieldSector 7-GammaTop SponsorsRadiation LabSpace Station SickbayUniversity HeightsAquasson BaseRow-bot BaseWade-bot BaseSSBF.jpg
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