Radiation Lab

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Located at The Space Station

As you enter the lab, the radiologist on duty explains that Susan Novak has left some notes with them, explaining how measured doses of the right kind of modulated radiation would likely prove re-energizing for someone with your types of powers. Sure, the same dose would be dangerous or deadly for a normal human, but that's nothing for you to worry about.

  • If you enter the Radiation Lab with less than the maximum number of PP, then you will get the following message:

You say that you're feeling a little drained, and ask what the process would entail.

The radiologist says, "Well, we'd use the window there and use a combination of filters and polarization to dose you with the right types of radiation. There's a small fee for my time and the computing costs, just X chips for the whole package."

If you choose to pay for the service, you receive the message:

The radiologist has you stand in front of a shaded window, and then scuttles behind a metal shield. Clicks and whirs come from his direction. Moments later the material in front of the window shimmers and swirls, and you feel yourself bathed in a suffusing warmth. When the window shimmers back into its normal dark tint, you feel fully recharged.

  • If you enter the Radiation Lab with the maximum amount of PP, you will get the following message:

You tell the radiologist you're feeling fully energized at the moment anyway, and duck back out.


  • It costs 8 chips for each PP point you want to restore.