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Cspider.gif This page relates to a reported minor bug:
the message when catalyzing ends is missing a line feed, causing problems when catalysis ends in the same turn as IOU
Cspider.gif This page relates to a reported minor bug:
the message when catalyzing ends is missing if decryption ends on the same turn

Workbench Sidekick Garage Storage Computer Lab Talismans Rest

The Workbench is part of your Hideout.

This is your hideout workbench. It's got your basic tools and machinery and is a great place to do some heroic tinkering.

Assemble.gif Assemble Things
Using just the basics—glue, screws, nails, and other common items that you regularly keep in stock—you can take two items and make something else out of them.
With welding torch:
Welding-torch.gif Weld Things
With your welding torch and solder you can weld certain metal items together.
or without solder: You've got a welding torch, but no solder. If you picked up some solder you could weld things.
With Catalyze skill:
Catalyze.gif Catalyze
Use your catalyzer unit to change the fundamental structure of certain materials.
With Metalmorph skill:
Metalmorph.gif Metalmorph
Use your elemental powers to convert metals into other, more valuable, metals.
If you used a Recyclonizer kit:
Recyclonizer-kit.gif Recyclonizer
Use the Recyclonizer to get rid of old items and get yourself some snazzy, new, recyclonized goods.
If you used an AT/RI Digitizer:
Atri-digitizer.gif Digitizer
Use the Digitizer to disassemble your items into its component digits and then reassemble those digits into all new digital items.
If you used instant goats:
Instantgoats.gif Box of Goats
Feed goats. What more could you need?
If you used a dusty deplicator:
Deplicator.gif Deplicator
Turn items into Nothing.
If you used a Prism collection:
Prismattic.gif Prism Attic
You're gonna have to pull out some prisms before you can fit anything else up here.
Once you've finished Cat and Mick-y Mouse Game:
Trimensional-cortex.gif R.E.T.C.O.N. Device
Retcon awaits for those who choose it.


Assemble Things

Workbench - Assembling

You look at all the spare items you've picked up. What would you like to try to put together?

(X item)

(X item)

[Go MacGyver on 'em]

On fail:
You think real hard, but just like Richard Dean Anderson without a script, you can't come up with any way to combine those two items.

On success:
You get creative and whip up something innovative enough to make Pete Thornton proud.

When creating teardrop gem:
You attempt to use the caustic goo to etch interesting patterns into the gold, but the impure chemical lump dissolves completely under the acidic wash. Well, almost completely. Buried inside is a near-perfect teardrop-shaped gem. Sweet!

When creating hot potato:
You spread the smoldering ash all over the metal sphere. It's a soft metal, apparently, and as the ash sinks into the surface the whole thing melts and squishes under your fingertips. Eventually the whole thing is knobby and oblong, kind of like a potato. The ash has made it perpetually hot, too. Ooh! You start tossing it from hand to hand and then decide you'd better put it down.

When creating smoky pack:
You get out the roman candle wand and light it, because fireworks are cool. Unfortunately a spark from the wand hits your hand, and you drop the wand in surprise. Your hand is okay, but the subsequent barrage of little fireballs completely engulf your backpack. You eventually pat the fire out, but serious damage has been done.

When creating high-jump boots:
Using strips of sinew you rig up extra-bouncy pads on the soles of your boots. It's not quite as reactive as flubber, but it sure puts a spring in your step.

When creating Gingerette hard candy or Woofers & Tweeters:
You smash the pinata with the baton for a while. Not surprisingly, a bunch of little kids show up to join in the fun. Okay, so it's surprising, because it's pretty late. The little kneebiters run off with your baton and most of your candy, but you get a little bit of it.

When creating night club:
You step out into the night, holding your club and wearing your night cap. Unfortunately the cap is covering your eyes, and you trip over something in the dark, causing you to drop your club. You take off the cap in order to see what you're doing, but when you get back inside you realize you're not holding the same club you started with, and you've also misplaced your cap. Ah, well, it's a cool club, isn't it?

When creating mangled data plate:
You take the mangled data plate out into the back alley and go all Office Space on it. In your enthusiasm, you leave your hammer behind when you're done, and when you go back later it's not there anymore.

When creating jury-rigged splatter:
You rip the power pack out of the cannon and fill the innards with goo. Somehow it still works, but now it fires splats of goo instead of lasers.

When creating armored pegasus:
You put the xentrium barding on the pegasus. The flying horse looks more noble for sure, and the time-squirmy xentrium effect is strong, but the armor's certainly not light. You can get to nearby places faster, but you don't think your pegasus will have quite the same range as before.

When creating blank white card:
You slather the card with layer after layer of goo until the printing finally disappears completely.

When creating depleted dust:
You spin the cosmic crystals around at top speed, smashing them together to see if you can create any interesting new particles. An intense burst of energy tears through your hideout, leaving everything shimmering with extradimensional energy... except the dust left behind by the exploding crystals, which now seems utterly boring.

You gain an effect: Cosmic Concentration. (Added for 60 minutes.)

When assembling a fusion octotron component with a Schrodinger's Box:
You put drop the component into the box and close the lid. Who knows what's in there now?

When creating ion:
You shatter the ion stone with your hammer, breaking them into strange blobs of charged matter.

When creating ice cool hairgel:
You smash the item over and over until it's reduced to a fine paste... or, more accurately, gel.

Weld things

Workbench - Welding

With your welding torch and solder you can weld certain metal items together. You have X lumps of solder.

(X item)

(X item)

[Fire Up the Torch!]

On fail:
You can't think of anything useful to make with those two items.

On success:
You get out the welding torch and some solder, and weld the two items together.

When creating pentameter:
How exactly do you weld metal to a song? I can't really explain it, except to say it's sort of like swinging on a star.

When creating pentacle:
You weld the pentium to the tentacle, and you get .... a pentacle? I'm pretty sure nobody saw that coming.

When creating Erdrick's plate:
Fortune smiles upon thee, <player>. Thou hast found the Erdrick's Armor.

When creating eon prime:
You reunite the Eon drive with its wings. No more bus rides for you!


If you have nothing to Metalmorph:
You don't seem to have any metal items that you can apply your Metalmorph skill to.

You can use your powers of metal morphing to upgrade any of the following metals or metal items. More challenging morphs require more Skill Points in Metalmorph.

Titanium to Cryonite (have X)

Plasteel to Cavorite (have X)

Badly Bent Knife to Goodly Bent Knife (have X)

Dark Arts to Lark Dances (have X)

Hammer to Metal Carbide Hammer (have X)

Hedge Slammer to Hack Jammer (have X)

Metal-Rimmed Frisbee to Razor-Rimmed Frisbee (have X)

Cybertronium to Illuminum (have X)

Depleted Dust to Enriched Earth (have X)

Big Honkin' Hammer to Universal Hammer (have X)

Big Left Hook to Stage Hook (have X)

Chain Links to Markov Chain (have X)

Combat Paperclip to Bent Paperclip (have X)

Dented Hubcap to Focusing Mirror (have X)

Military Sidearm to Lucky Punk Special (have X)

U.R.L. to U.F.O. (have X)

Unleaded Pipe to Unleaded Blowgun (have X)

Tritanium to Pentium (have X)

Anodized Bascinet to Bass Bascinet (have X)

Anodized Chauses to Chimney Chauses (have X)

Cast Arm Cast to Golem Arm (have X)

Dimestaff to Fiveanddimestaff (have X)

Foundry Shield to Foundational Shield (have X)

Foundry Suit to Quandary Suit (have X)

Moulded Bouts to Grounding Boots (have X)

Throwing Axe Set to Throne Axes(have X)

Weakened Byrnie to Resuscitated Byrnie (have X)

Polysteel to Paladinum (have X)

Infernium Slab to Moltinum (have X)

Byzantium to Malkamite (have X)

[Morph Away!] (Morphing will take X PP).

Not selecting an item:
You need to select an item to Metalmorph.

Any value not greater than zero:
You need to make a quantity that's more than zero for this to work.

Morphing titanium:
You got an item: cryonite Cryonite.gif

Morphing plasteel:
You got an item: cavorite Cavorite.gif

Morphing badly bent knife:

Morphing dark arts:

Morphing hammer:

Morphing hedge slammer:

Morphing metal-rimmed frisbee:

Morphing cybertronium:
You got an item: illuminum Illuminum.gif

Morphing depleted dust:

Morphing big honkin' hammer:

Morphing big left hook:

Morphing chain links:

Morphing combat paperclip:

Morphing dented hubcap:

Morphing military sidearm:

Morphing U.R.L.:

Morphing unleaded pipe:

Morphing tritanium:
You got an item: pentium Pentium.gif

Morphing anodized bascinet:

Morphing anodized chauses:

Morphing cast arm cast:

Morphing dimestaff:

Morphing foundry shield:

Morphing foundry suit:

Morphing moulded bouts:

Morphing throwing axe set:

Morphing weakened byrnie:

Morphing polysteel:
You got an item: paladinum Paladinum.gif

Morphing infernium slab:

Morphing byzantium:
You got an item: malkamite Malkamite.gif


If you have nothing to Catalyze:
You don't seem to have any items that you can apply your Catalyze skill to.

You can use your catalyzer to upgrade any of the following items.

Titanium to Tritanium (have X units) - takes 60 minutes

Plasteel to Polysteel (have X units) - takes 90 minutes

Cybertronium to Byzantium (have X units) - takes 90 minutes

Cryonite to Pentium (have X units) - takes 60 minutes

Cavorite to Paladinum (have X units) - takes 90 minutes

Illuminum to Malkamite (have X units) - takes 90 minutes

Caffeine pill to small hyper-c (have X units) - takes 45 minutes

Powdered mojo to large hyper-c (have X units) - takes 60 minutes

[Make the catalyzer go now!] (Catalysis will take X minutes.)

Catalyzing titanium:
You insert the titanium into the catalyzer unit and set the timer for 60 minutes. (Added for 60 minutes.)

Adds effect: Catalyzing Titanium.

Catalyzing plasteel:
You insert the plasteel into the catalyzer unit and set the timer for 90 minutes. (Added for 90 minutes.)

Adds effect: Catalyzing Plasteel.

Catalyzing Cybertronium:
You insert the cybertronium into the catalyzer unit and set the timer for 90 minutes. (Added for 90 minutes.)

Adds effect: Catalyzing Cybertronium.

Catalyzing cryonite:
You insert the cryonite into the catalyzer unit and set the timer for 60 minutes. (Added for 60 minutes.)

Adds effect: Catalyzing Cryonite.

Catalyzing cavorite:
You insert the cavorite into the catalyzer unit and set the timer for 90 minutes. (Added for 90 minutes.)

Adds effect: Catalyzing Cavorite.

Catalyzing illuminum:
You insert the illuminum into the catalyzer unit and set the timer for 90 minutes. (Added for 90 minutes.)

Adds effect: Catalyzing Illuminum.

Catalyzing caffeine pill:
You insert the caffeine pill into the catalyzer unit and set the timer for 45 minutes. (Added for 45 minutes.)

Adds effect: Catalyzing caffeine.

Catalyzing powdered mojo:
You insert the powdered mojo into the catalyzer unit and set the timer for 60 minutes. (Added for 60 minutes.)

Adds effect: Catalyzing mojo.

Trying to catalyze when the catalyzer is already in use:

Your catalyzer unit is already busy on another item right now.


See Recyclonizing.


  • The assembly messages (and obviously "Go MacGyver on 'em") refer to the TV series MacGyver, starring Richard Dean Anderson, who would often assemble simple items in an innovative way. Peter Thornton was his friend on the series.