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  • To be able to Recyclonize you need to use a Recyclonizer kit. This adds the Recyclonizer to your Workbench.
  • The Recyclonizer starts with a resource level of zero. Recyclonizing an item raises the resource level, up to a maximum of 10,000.
  • The number of resource units gained is the autosell value divided by 10, rounded down. hunk of scrap metal is the only known exception, which recycles for 10 units although it does not have an autosell value.
  • When in a limited item or no item Retcon run, the Recyclonizer is locked out and can't be used until the run is completed or the restrictions are dropped. The page says:

The Recyclonizer is in an alternate timeline right now. You'll get it back when this run is over, have no fear.

  • The Recyclonizer resource level is reset to zero with every new Retcon run.
  • Not every item can be Recyclonized. Following is a non-conclusive list of items that cannot be Recyclonized:

The Recyclonizer

When the Recyclonizer is empty:

Your Recyclonizer is currently empty. Perhaps you should put some things into it to Recyclonize them. As the sticker says, you take careful note that this will surely and irrevocably destroy anything put into it.

When the Recyclonizer is not empty:

Your Recyclonizer currently contains X units of resources. (Maximum capacity 10,000.)

When the resource level is at least 10:

Would you like to extract an item?

(only items you have enough resources to create are shown)

recycled oil Recycled-oil.gif 10 units
brown bandage Brown-bandage.gif 20 units
sugar substitute Sugar-substitute.gif 30 units
corroded battery Corroded-battery.gif 40 units
oil can coffee Oil-can-coffee.gif 50 units
rusty brick Rusty-brick.gif 60 units
unstable isotopes Unstable-isotopes.gif 70 units
TNT Tnt.gif 80 units
ferric man Ferric-man.gif 90 units

quantity: # [ Extract Now ]

Recycle the following items:
<List of items and resource units>
quantity: #
all but one
[ Junk it! ]


Adding an item:
You add X <items> to the Recyclonizer, increasing the resource level by X, to Y.

If adding an item will raise the resource level over 10,000:
The Recyclonizer can only hold 10,000 units of material. You're already at X and Y would be too many more.

Trying to add more of an item than you have:
You don't have as many of those items as you'd like to use. You're trying to recycle X, but you only have Y.

Trying to make more of an item than you have resources for:
You get X for Y units. You don't have enough units to make that item.

If you somehow manage to enter an item which cannot be recyclonized:
This item can't be recycled, perhaps because it's important, perhaps because it doesn't have enough material to make it worthwhile, perhaps both.