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Semi-rares are rare items that fall between the rarity of Ultra-rare items and normal items. They tend to be in Color. Like ultra-rare items, they have no step counters or other tricks; they are just reasonably rare.

Semi-rares can either be a rare drop from a foe, a rare adventure, or a rare choice option of an adventure. Once all the requirements for a semi-rare event have been met, the chance of the event occurring is the same for all semi-rares.

There are currently 6 known semi-rare items:


  • The name "semi-rare" was mentioned by Ryme, most probably after the name being used in Kingdom of Loathing. However, Ryme also mentioned there is no special mechanism involved, just a flat chance.
  • The semi-rare chance is unknown at this point. However, it is believed to be no higher than 1%.